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I'm always looking for new programs in the Ubuntu Software Center and who doesnt like brewing their own beer? When i was a windows user, I used ProMash, but had to pay for it. A quick search in the Ubuntu Software Center using "beer" finds the program "qbrew".

I gave it a test run and like it a lot so far! Click the image above to see an example. You can input your grains, hops, yeast and other additives plus add in your brewing notes. The qbrew program does all the work for you and gives you the estimated alcohol content, bitterness, color rating and more. You can save your recipe to a qbrew file and also export it as HTML, PDF, Text or a BeerXML file.

I spoke to the developer of qbrew and there is no immediate plans for any updates as it works fine already. Give qbrew a try if you like to brew your own cold ones!

We have developed our own fave Ubuntu beer if you want to give it a try....


Download it here:

Ubuntubock PDF

Ubuntubock Qbrew File

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