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New Website Design

We've done some spring cleaning around here (OK, OK its summer already!) and we hope you like the new site design. There were a number of changes we really have wanted to do for some time. The old website was too dark and heavy so our first goal was to make it light and airy. I think this has been accomplished. The real focus should be on the articles and not be distracted by the design of the site. We want content to be king here, so the Ubuntu font has been incorporated throughout the new site design as well as larger font sizes for easier reading of the articles.

Also incorporated into the site is the main control center at the top right. Several links and even a search is easy to find and make use of.

If you like an article please take the time to share it on Facebook and Twitter, share it on Google+ and submit it to Reddit. We know we have been lacking in recent days with articles, so this will be our next focus.

Speaking of articles, we have over 500+ Ubuntu related articles that will interest you. Try using the search tab at the top right and type something in like "backgammon" or "mahjongg" or whatever you might want. If we have it, the search will find it.

There still might be some tweaks yet on the site, so if you come across something, please let us know, thank you!

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  2. You have a lot of apps open lol.

    I like it. Although I thought the old header was a bit slicker, but the overall new design is awesome :D