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Announcing Ubuntu on Air

Ubuntu on Air consists on a series of broadcasts via Google+ Hangouts, that will be streamed live via YouTube. This will be used to give general announcements about releases, and classes for the Classroom project. For this, we have got the #ubuntu-on-air channel, which will be used for people to interact with speakers during the session, and a dedicated YouTube channel, to keep a record of past sessions.

You will be able to interact with the speakers in real time, ask questions, and tell them to explain things as you like. But, you may be asking how are we going to do all of this. There is an IRC channel for you to participate, and a dedicated YouTube channel, so you can replay past sessions. So when will the first Ubuntu On Air session take place?

The answer is simple: Next Thursday, July 26th at 18 UTC. You can chat in the #ubuntu-on-air channel on irc.freenode.net, the link for the stream will be provided at the start of the session. First up is Benjamin Kerensa with the Developer News, and Brian Murray explaining a little bit more about bugs and how useful are they to make a successful release.


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  1. You should create a google plus event for the first ubuntu on air hangout.

  2. Patcito... great idea. Ive just created a Google+ account so I will give it a try, thanks!