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Parcel Tracker Tracks Your Packages

There is a great new application for Ubuntu called Parcel Tracker. For internet users who like to order products online, this should feed most of your package tracking desires. As one who purchases online often, Parcel Tracker is one of those apps Ive always wished for, and now my dreams have come true.

Usage is simple. Plug in a tracking number from a variety of available shipping companies and your package will be simply tracked with a list of data showing the whereabouts of your package. If any new changes occur on any package you are tracking, Parcel Tracker will update you with new info.

When we first heard about Parcel Tracker a few days back (and got very excited), we noticed it did not include any of the common shippers in the United States. While it did include several European shippers, our hopes were dashed at first.

I decided to contact the developer directly. And anyone can do this really. Its the easiest way to contribute to an Ubuntu program. Within the app, I clicked onto Help and then "About" which shows the developer(s) info. In this case Vsevolod Velichko created this awesome little app. A few email exchanges later letting Vsevolod know which shipping companies are well used in the USA, their websites and some usable tracking numbers and it wasnt a day later he was able to add in FEDEX and the United States Postal Service as options. Hopefully UPS usage will be implemented soon as well. If you have a usable tracking number for DHL contact Vsevolod directly and he can look into implementation for DHL as well.

I know very little about app creation in Ubuntu but I helped in a small way make an app more usable. Get involved! Make a difference!

Installation in Ubuntu is simple. Open a terminal and copy and paste in these commands...

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:torkvemada/torkvemada

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install parcel-tracker

Press enter and the app will install and since you are adding the repository for this app it will always stay up to date.

Thank You to Vdevolod Velichko for making this application. I know in my family it will be used quite extensively to track packages.

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  1. Interesting, but why not use one of the online package tracking sites like tracktracenow.com?

  2. I think the biggest benefit to the program is that it saves your package info and it also updates you every time something happens to the package. Your website, although nice, doesnt do this.