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Do You Care About Netflix on Ubuntu?

I have to ask, do you as an Ubuntu user care if Netflix works on Ubuntu?

There are so many options out there as I have discussed before HERE. More keep popping up too such as Crackle.com that work fine on Ubuntu and there are reports that Dreamworks is in discussion with Youtube for streaming content.

If you have noticed Netflix in the stock market lately, it has dropped from its high of $300 down to 1/3 of that. Its dropped in half just this month alone. Things are not going well for Netflix. Why? With so many options to Ubuntu users and with Netflix raising their prices on customers, people are looking for Netflix alternatives.

So the question must be asked... does Netflix working on Ubuntu even matter to you anymore? Take the poll and send Netflix a message!


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  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    WTF? I voted YES and it marked it as no?!?!?!

  2. Those damn free polls! Sorry!

  3. I voted no and it showed up as yes.

  4. Anonymous3:09 PM

    We're still not able to run Netflix on Ubuntu (10.04 or 12.04) ??

    And running it in a virtual/simulated session etc/etc/etc doesn't count. We came to Ubuntu to escape Microsoft.