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GAMES: Mahjongg - Medieval Tile Set

One of my fave games in Ubuntu is Mahjongg. You can find it in "Applications > Games" and sometimes in a subdirectory of that like this "Applications > Games > Board".

Ive been playing Mahjongg for many many years, since the early/mid 90s probably. Our family first got into Mahjongg by purchasing Ron Balewski's MahjonggWin (MJWin) and then Mahjongg 97 (MJ97).

Rons website is no longer available to purchase his game. If you look hard enough, you can find his MJ97 available on abandoned DOS game websites. But I wanted to play specifically his MJ97 Medieval tile set, without having to install MJ97 using Wine (it works under Wine!). I'm trying to get away from Wine and Windows programs all together. Thats why I re-created the Medieval tile set for Ubuntu. It took several hours of work, so I hope you enjoy it.

Want to install this cool tile set? Here is how to do it.

- download the medieval2.svg file using the download link below. (right click & save image)
- open a terminal window (applications > accessories > terminal)
- type in "sudo nautilus" without the quotation marks and press enter
- type in your password and press enter and a super user version of nautilus will open up
- be careful! especially newbies :) dont edit anything else except what is printed here
- in nautilus, listed under "places" click onto your "File System"
- now go to this folder:
         usr > share > gnome-games > mahjongg > pixmaps
- copy the medieval.svg file you downloaded and paste it into the pixmaps folder
- close your nautilus and close your terminal

The new Medieval tile set is installed. Now, go into Ubuntu's Mahjongg game and click "Settings > Preferences" and change the tile set to "medieval". You'll also want to change the background color to #000088 for an authentic feel and have fun! See if you can beat my score of 3m58s on easy mode. :)

If you are totally into this medieval tile set (gosh it sure makes Mahjongg easier to play!), you might even want to change your Ubuntu Mahjongg icon to this one...

(right click to save it)

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  1. yeeeeey!!!! 10x!!! i've been searching this tile set for ages! cheers!

  2. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I have beat your score of 2:48 seconds. Now, your turn to beat.