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GIMP Texturize Plugin

Blending images together to create larger images has always been difficult to do with paint and photo manipulation software. Years ago, when I first got into Ubuntu, I looked for something to help me with this. I came across the Texturize plugin for GIMP. Its very easy to use. GIMP now offers other similar blending techniques like "make seamless" but the texturize plugin works the best of them all. 

To install, open a terminal window and type in:

sudo apt-get install gimp-texturize

This plugin also works great for tiling designs to create wallpapers. As an example, I recently used this to create the tiled background on my house blog: http://www.1916home.net (shameless plug!)

The GIMP texturize plugin was developed by Manu Cornet who also created the Why Linux Is Better website.

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