Life Begins with Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04

It was right around April of 2007 I decided to make the switch to Ubuntu linux. The thought of upgrading my Windows XP to Vista later on worried me. Talks of privacy issues swirled around Microsoft products and rumors that Microsoft was planning to cut all support to XP users worried me. I decided it was the best time of any to make the leap to a linux based operating system. I am sooo glad I did!

I searched the internet for help mostly until September of '07 I had managed to join the Ubuntu Forums desperately in need of help. I had a ton of questions!

This blog is my journey. This blog really is many Ubuntu users journeys all in one. We all share many of the same hurdles early on, but one thing is for certain, Ubuntu is making it much much easier to make the switch away from Windows. Back in 2007, I recall Ubuntu would install perfectly on one computer, and all sorts of problems on another computer. A sound card issue, a modem issue, a video card issue... for the most part new users wont experience so many hardships as us early adopters of Ubuntu.

April 2007 - Ubuntu 7.04

The photo above is Ubuntu as I first used it in 2007. It was clean, had no "extra" pay programs pre-installed like AOL, a 30 day version of Office, McCafee, Norton, etc. The computer was nice and clean and no worries of viruses anymore.


If you are just getting started with Ubuntu, have no fear... the switch is worth it in the long run and its easier than ever now to make the switch. So come on with me and explore Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 10.10 is the version I am currently using right now. It is a very clean desktop and very stable too.

October 2010 - Ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot is the latest and greatest version of Ubuntu with all of the bells and whistles many have come to love and cherish. It sports a new app taskbar on the lefthand side for easy access to your most used apps.

Please join me no matter what version you are starting out with. Together we can learn and share and make the Ubuntu community better!

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  1. Ummm.... Where is the official "About" page on this website?? You know, a typical "About" page that informs the visitor about the purpose, the goals, and the main features of the website, and to convince what makes this website so great and why he/she should spend their time on "" and subscribe to it. =/ Other than that, it is clear that this seems to be a "fan page" like website for Ubuntu enthusiasts.

  2. Thank you Governor. It is something we are working on, until then this will be it. Look for some more changes within two weeks. I hope that "you will be back".