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Another Humble Indie Bundle Arrives

There seems to be Humble Bundles every month now! The newest one is dubbed the "Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle" and includes the excellent turn based strategy game Frozen Synapse and the very unique and interesting game TRAUMA.

If you pay more than $4.59 (the average donation) you will also receive the entire 5 games in the Frozen Byte bundle too. A really good deal if you ask me. The ShadowGround games are worth it alone.

Get the Bundle of games here...

And check out the website for the two new games in these links if you want to see more info about them...


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  1. Calm down, it's only the 5th bundle, though I assume there will be another one in December. That's an average of about 2 bundles per year, maybe a total of 3 (or possibly 4?) this year, but still far from being "every month"!