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K3B Burning Software in Ubuntu

Burning discs and ISO's in Linux is not a problem anymore because the Linux Universe is full of open source software and almost of these are free. Some of these are K3B, Brasero and XFburn. One of the most popular is K3B because it has a wide range of functionalities, a user friendly interface and eye candy too! The project K3B is actively maintained and the application gets better and better and more efficient to use.

What can K3B can do?

If you want to burn discs, K3B makes it very easy. The first thing you see after opening the app is the program main screen and menu which includes three popular options: New Data Project, Audio CD Project, project data CD, and Copy CD project. Very intuitive, right? Clicking on any of these buttons will take you to an area composed of two panels: one in which to navigate the hard drive and one on the drag and drop files. This should be familiar for Ubuntu users. Even someone who has never burned a CD before can learn it easily. In other recording applications on Linux that is not the case.

How to use K3B for burning ISO's and DVD?

K3B (meaning KDE Burn Baby Burn) is a software to create CD / DVD writing for the KDE desktop that supports almost all the features you have come to love with these tools. K3B takes a step beyond being free. And unlike many similar tools, K3B can burn ISO images as well. You can find K3B in the Ubuntu Software Center.

Burn an ISO image with K3B is quite simple. The first step is to start the application. K3B is usually found in "Applications > Sound & Video" menu. Once open, you will need to click the Burn CD Image (Burn DVD or ISO image) or click the button on the Tools menu in the menu bar.

If you go the route of the Tools menu, you will see an entry with the same title as the buttons ("Burn CD Image" and "Burn DVD ISO Image").

When you select an image to burn a new window. In this new window, you click on the button image directory section and find burn ISO file to burn.

If you have located the image, K3B will perform a checksum on the image to make sure it matches. When the checksum is complete, and that appropriate media is inserted into the drive, you can click the Start button to start the burning process.

If you have doubts of its setup, or if you are low on recordable media, you can always select the Simulate button (Settings) to simulate the recording process. If the process runs successfully, then you can disable simulate and run the process as normal.

You can find K3B in the Ubuntu Software Center.

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