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gLabels - create labels and business cards

gLabels, the Ubuntu solution to create labels and business cards

gLabels is a program, written in GTK and compatible with GNOME3 to create and print business cards and labels. 

gLabels offers an easy interface to print any type of labels or business cards. The application offers an easy graphic interface that lets you design cards either starting from one of the templates offered by the software itself or from a blank template. Easy tabs let you modify style and size of fonts and the position of the text. After you are done editing, which after some use of the software will take just few minutes. gLabels offers more than the basic features you would expect from a label/business card editing software: you can even create your own custom templates, so in case you need to print a huge batch of different labels or business cards using the same theme or style you can simply create a custom template and keep using it, saving time and granting the same output for every label.
I've been using gLabels for a while, being responsible of printing business cards for my company and having to print a new set of them for every conference we attend. Since I'm using it i've been saving a lot of time, having wonderful and quick results.  My wife also attends several trade shows and accounting meetings and it has been very easy to create a business card for her as well. One tip for success... place a QR code someplace on the business card with your detailed info.

The gLabels software can be installed from Software Center, searching "gLabels", or from the .deb package available from the website of the developer. The website of the developers use getdeb, a web-interface to easily install .deb packages directly from your browser.

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