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New Website & Commentary

Good Morning to all! We have just gone through a site redesign here. Looking and struggling for that right Ubuntu vibe. We hope you like it. I am still looking for the "right" IHEARTUBUNTU logo too, but the red heart will do for now. I really wanted to incorporate the Ubuntu orange, but not overwhelm the reader with orange all over the website. I also wanted to introduce a slider featuring the top stories as well. The main purpose of the redesign? To make it easier to access the content.I think Ive got it this time around ;) and I hope the articles are easier to find, easier to read, etc.

We know there are plenty of choices these days for Ubuntu content. My personal favorite Ubuntu websites are OMG! Ubuntu! for their style/content and I really like "iloveubuntu.net" (not affiliated with us) for their interesting content. While I love these sites, I want to be different. Im not going to cover every little tweak that Unity has to offer, but I do hope to bring you great articles and reviews of new apps and also old apps that many might not know about (or have forgotten). There really are some hidden gems that have become important apps for me.

Dont forget to comment on our articles. If you have something interesting to share or just want to say hi, please do! The more the merrier. We are approaching 2000 twitter friends and our Facebook & Google friends grow daily. If you have not Liked us on Facebook yet, we would love for you like us :p And if you are a serious Facebook user, make sure to add us as a friend for easy updates of new articles. The year ahead is going to be great in the linux world and Ubuntu especially! Thanks to all!

Now, back to writing some awesome Ubuntu content...

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