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EPDFVIEWER - a lightweight PDF reader

There are several applications to display PDF files on Ubuntu, the most common and by default is evince. But there is another option out there called ePDFviewer. The PDF file format can incorporate both images & text. It is specially designed for documents that can be easily printed, but large PDF files with hundreds of pages of text and images can really perform slowly, especially on older computers. Here is where ePDFviewer stands out.

While EPDFVIEWER does not have the option to edit your documents like PDFEDITOR or PDFMOD can do, it does have the tools necessary for viewing PDF files, especially large PDF files. ePDFviewer is lightweight so opening a large PDF and flipping through pages is effortless. You can maximize or minimize or even adjust the file to full screen mode for easier reading. The menu bars are simple and perfectly ordered making your most important actions easily accessible.

Installation is simple in most any version of Ubuntu. Open the Ubuntu Software Center and search for "epdfviewer".

If you would like more information about this application you can read their official website:


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