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UBUNTU GAME - Hedgewars

Hedgewars is an artillery game, a clone of the commercial and popular Worms series, offering a highly customizable game experience. 

Artillery games started appearing when most of us were still children. The commercial series Worms enjoyed quite a success, bringing together weird animals (pink worms in that case) making use of weird and oversized weapons. Hedgewars takes back that concept, taking oversized weapons and pink... hedgehogs in post-apocalyptic scenarios like islands suspended in the space or watery caves full of niches. What artillery games of our childhood didn't have though was the possibility to play with our friends. Well, it was definitely possible, but it required our friends to be in our house, sharing the same keyboard, all sitting next to the same computer. Hedgehog offers the possibility to play with your friends either on a LAN or using Internet connection. Coming together with huge customization packs, Hedgewars gives the possibility to the player to modify everything related to the game: flags, hats and helmets, voices of our warmonger hedgehogs, costumes and graves. What makes Hedgewars unique in its genre though is the possibility to run scripted missions (or script your personal ones) and the really impressive AI of computer players.

I'm a player of Hedgewars myself. I have a thing for this genre of games and I simply can't stop playing Hedgewars with my friends, either on LAN or using my Internet connection. The game is obviously not for everybody, it takes some commitment to the genre and some commitment to take good control of the 97 weapons this game is able to offer. For people loving artillery games, Hedgewars is definitely a must-have.

Hedgewars can be installed using the Ubuntu Software Center or through PlayDeb here:  


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