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Jolicloud: an Ubuntu based linux flavor

I just blogged about how JoliCloud is redesigning their OS and making it better soon. So what is it? Jolicloud is an Ubuntu base linux flavor perfect for netbooks and handheld devices. JoliCloud is a linux platform aiming at making Cloud computing easier and more open.

Jolicloud is a unique star in the universe of Open Source operating systems. While the most famous linux flavors are either designed for general purpose computing or for server applications, Jolicloud is designed to offer an operating system focused on low-power notebooks. Yes, it's the case of netbooks and other tablet-like devices, which Jolicloud promises to transform into devices ready to get in the cloud. Cloud? Wait! What are we talking about? Jolicloud delivers a ready to use system that heavily relies on cloud computing to offer what other distros usually include in their basic distribution. Jolicloud integrates a system that makes large use of JoliApps, a repository of over 700 software titles and growing  specifically designed for this distribution, to store, edit, manipulate and share your files online. Jolicloud comes with a unique interface, specifically designed for the distribution, a perfect integration with cloud softwares: Jolicloud is a very light system able to take low-power devices back to life. 

Jolicloud is a full operating system, based on Ubuntu, freely downloadable from the website of the producer. For those who are curious about JoliCloud I should note that it is also delivered as a web-app, available at the Chrome App Store, Android Store and soon in the Apple Store (both for iPad and iPhone). Jolicloud supports a wide number of netbooks (the list of fully-supported devices is available at the website of Jolicloud) and it can be installed either "burning" the ISO image on an USB Drive (for those willing to install Jolicloud as only operating system) or using the Windows Installer provided by Jolicloud (for those willing to keep 2 partitions, one for Jolicloud and one for Linux). 

Jolicloud is definitely a unique flavor of linux, it is something totally headed into the future, when we will probably be using our little devices mostly relying on web resources.

You can grab the Jolicloud OS from the link below or search for it on Google Chrome web browser.


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  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    I want it where can I go to get it?

  2. Whoops! Forgot to add the link, sorry. You can get the ISO at http://www.jolicloud.com/download or search for it as a web app in Google Chrome.