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Ubuntu and Dell - Its On! (again)

Dell is launching a new campaign across Asia in April 2012. Initially, Dell will be selling Ubuntu loaded computers in over 220 stores in China with matching Ubuntu branded advertisements. A quick search on Dells Chinese website reveals over 30 different Dell computers with Ubuntu already installed, or as an option instead of Windows. Its interesting, considering the amount of Ubuntu computers on Dells USA website has dwindled down to nothing.

This may be a very smart move for Ubuntu as it attempts to reach 100+ million users across the world. Linpus, a linux distro is already one of the top operating systems in Taiwan, so Ubuntu taking over across Asia certainly is not out of the question.

What do you think? Smart move by Ubuntu? Smart move by Dell?

(click the photo above to see full size)

PS.. does anyone know what the Ubuntu sign above says? I have tried some Chinese OCR website and came up with "To take a short-tailed bird Ju heaping with disgrace, filled with goblets of peak power wood."

My translation?

Ubuntu can maximize the capabilities of your computer :)

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  1. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Haha, I couldn't hold my laugh when reading your translation. I wish I could tell you what it really says.