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gPodder - The Perfect App for Podcasts

gPodder, the Ubuntu solution for webcasts and podcasts 

gPodder is a free podcast aggregator. gPodder lets you download free audio and video content and podcasts from the web and watch it on your computer.

Let's say it straight: podcasts are great. There is nothing like enjoying the latest episode of your favorite podcast while you are surfing the web or checking your mail and it is definitely great to be able to listen to your favorite web show while waiting for a bus or having a walk. If you follow more than 2 podcasts though, it can be quite hard to keep them updated and organized. Here it comes - gPodder. gPodder is a must have for those who follow more than one podcast. The interface is extremely easy to use and provides the user with many features. It includes synchronization with the most common portable audio players, including iPods, letting the user transfer podcasts from the PC to a portable device with a single click. gPodder supports the most common formats for podcasts, including mp3, ogg and torrent. What makes gPodder a must have for podcast lovers is the unmatched ability to interact with any type of device using any type of connection: gPodder is able to use cable connections, bluetooth and even wi-fi connections between your portable device and your computer.

gPodder comes under GPL license, which means that the user is given the right to modify and redistribute the software. 

I've been using gPodder since its early releases and I must say that it definitely changed my way to use and listen to podcasts. I changed an uncountable number of portable devices and gPodder is still there, sitting on my computer as my favorite solution to handle podcasts and webcasts.  I think you are going to enjoy it also. One of my favorite podcasts is "Travel with Rick Steves" and you can find it here: http://www.ricksteves.com/radio/podcast.htm

gPodder can be installed from Software Center, simply searching "gPodder" and clicking on "Install". gPodder is also available as .deb package from the website of the developer.

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