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When Is Netflix Coming to Ubuntu?

Just WHEN *IS* Netflix coming to Ubuntu linux? I get this question often and Ive tried to update the progress.

In a recent blog post Benjamin Kerensa blogged about a conversation with engineers from Netflix attending OSCON 2011. Benjamin spent the whole weekend manning the Ubuntu booth there. Many thanks to him for that! From personal experience it take a lot of hard work to run.

Get on with the answer you say. So whats the answer? How long will this Netflix stuff drag out? Whats the news??

OK, the short answer is:

You can read the whole post here:


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  1. Netflix seems to be a dying cow. Investors will milk it until it dies. Noticed right away after switching to Ubuntu that Netflix was not supported. After trying a few months of discs in the mail I gave up and cancelled. Their discs are usually scratched and won't play. Too bad but discovered there was plenty of other sources for online streaming video.

    I guess after spending all the money on trying to figure out what I wanted to watch they forgot that I simply wanted to watch.


  2. Netflix has a ton of competition lined up. They are going to have to alter their business model a bit to keep investors happy and profits humming along. With Netflix stock off $50 in just a months time, I think you are right... the writing is on the wall (or the DVD). The minute that data transfer, data storage, etc becomes cheap will be the end time for Netflix unless they can capitalize on their streaming content. And raising their rates didnt help much either.

  3. what's the alternative to netflix for ubuntu users?

  4. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Yeah, do tell

  5. Anonymous3:20 PM

    The only alternative I can think of is illegal downloading. I am a PAYING Netflix subscriber but cant for the life of me figure out why they are alienating such a seemingly large portion of their client list. ESPECIALLY since the only holdup appears to be DRM licensing issues. I JUST want to be a able to do on my Linux box what I can do on all my other boxes. What the heck is the holdup???

  6. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I can watch Amazon movies on my Linux box but lets face it, Amazon doesn't have CRAP for content......YET.. I'm just waiting.... Once they do, Its BYE-BYE to my FIVE YEAR!! Netflix relationship. I have told EVERYONE I know to subscribe to Netflix because of what I PERCEIVED to be an AMAZING value, but with the recent increase , AND their unwillingness to give customers any more VALUE for the increase, screw them!!

  7. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Our household has been exclusively Ubuntu for 2 years and can only stream netflix on our WII. This is ridiculous. Ready to start sending my $10/month to Hulu which works great.

  8. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Isn't the Wii linux based? What gives?

  9. So are Google Chrome books. Chromium is an outright linux distro that uses the ubuntu kernel. There is no software or operating system compatibility issues. This is all about DRM and licensing. Mac is a unix clone, they got their kernel from BSD and it works on a mac. I would not be surprised if netflix is not getting some kind of kick back from M$ or Apple to coerce people into using their proprietary products. The only reason it probably works on Google Chrome is even Netflix is not stupid enough to alienate Google. (this comment posted from ma ubuntu laptop, woo)

  10. Anonymous10:32 PM

    ya whats funny is i have a cr48 running ubuntu and this hack came from code.google site so its kinda a ligit way to go back to chrome os but the thing about chrome os it sucks it doesnt work right and ubuntu works great on this book i go to sign into the account since im on a cr48 and still saying doesnt meet system requirements. netflix you can just eat it okay im going to hulu guess what hulu works on everything. also dont give me this crap netflix it wont work on linux lmao ruku/chrome os/ dvd players all have linux on them and mac has a openbsd unix thats opensource. not feeling the love from you in my pocket books or on the devices your crappy content can be used on

  11. I agree. I think with competition soaring to new heights in he movie streaming market, Netflix is going to become obsolete to Ubuntu and other linux based users. Their loss really.

  12. Anonymous4:25 PM

    You guys should just give up on this obunto ubunto whatever crap. Just run win7 like the rest of the world.

  13. Khigh1:03 PM

    I imagine most of them do...
    Ubuntu is a free product in many ways superior to windows, it runs way better on my netbook my other machines are win7, but lets face it, its only because I need windows for netflix. otherwise I would not be in line with you and the rest of the rats following the pied piper that is microsoft. its time for people to stand up for themselves in the computer market Ubuntu (and other linux distro's) are simple and elegant, we run software that is equivocal to many microsoft programs that cost upwards of 200 dollars... I have no problem paying for a product I do have a problem being told this is the only GOOD product and being raped by the cost of it just to be told its inferior or flawed within a matter of months

  14. Khigh - I am working on a couple of new articles. There might be a way to get Netflix working in Ubuntu in a round about way.

  15. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I've gotten Netflix to work on Ubuntu... you need to make sure you have all the codecs you need installed first.


  16. Which codecs might that be? Ive yet to get Netflix working natively. Moonlight (Silverlight) doesnt suppot DRM for Netflix. Thats the only codec I can think of.

  17. If you are using the Google chrome browser (not chromium, there is a difference) then you can go to the apps store and install Crackle or go to the crackle website! They have a lot of decent movies, some just as new as netflix hosts and they are legal and free!! And of course there is always Hulu as well, we don't need netlixA** we can do better with out them, where they lacked compatibility with the smarter breed of mankind, someone else will pick up!!

  18. Anonymous5:42 PM

    I am an Unbuntu user and I watch Netflix on my TV with a Roku. $50 device. Problem solved.

  19. 12 month.... its not so big period of time.... But is it necessary?

  20. Stephen19767:43 AM

     just got off the phone with NETFLIX. The guy on the phone also uses Ubuntu!  And netflix just WILL NOT SUPPORT IT unless they get Thousands of calls requesting UBUNTU! I explained to the guy that all my customers are having Ubuntu installed (I am a tech). etc. And that I supported netflix for those same clients, now promoting Ubuntu... has caused a conflict for the users of NETFLIX. PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY CALLING NETFLIX (since they have no email contact) Ask customer service to make a Recommendation to research team! Another thing I explained to him... which he did NO KNOW.. is that UBUNTU also allows cross-platform for ANDROID!! Yep! That's right! YOU can have all your Galaxy ipad apps, smartphone apps, all the Android APPS RIGHT ON YOUR COMPUTER! to install, search first to install JAVA on Ubuntu, then go to this link http://developer.android.com/sdk/installing/index.html  Follow the instructions... on getting SDK TOOLS, activating it, then downloading Eclipse (Use the Ubuntu app store... Installs automatically, then continue with ADT... instructions are all there, then have FUN! Fun with ALL the ANDROID APPS!  also, Boxee apparently was a way around to watch netflix... by making a box, but now it's a paid for thing!! Anyhow, with the android cross-platform bit.... UBUNTU WILL BE the WINDOWS of the FUTURE!! So PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY CALLING NETFLIX at this number : 1 (888) 811 9842 Tell them you want to make a request to research team to Support UBUNTU Linux.  Whether you are an existing client or not, Tell them you want to JOIN Netflix, but won't until there is support for UBUNTU. If you are an existing client, tell them YOU might cancel your account, because YOU switched from windows to UBUNTU and realize there is no SUPPORT for it from Netflix!  This will get them to move on this...   - In the meantime... they might recommend... and is the only way for now... DUAL BOOT, basically keep windows on your system, and the UBUNTU, you can switch back and forth between the two. As well as accessing your files from windows with UBUNTU!   SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR UBUNTU if you HEART-UBUNTU! By calling NETFLIX!  Let's get this Campaign going peeps! Post this everywhere you can! COPY and PAST this Article everywhere you know, every forum, youtube, etc.! Let people how awesome this UBUNTU is! and WE WANT NETFLIX SUPPORT!!  

  21.  Well said Stephen! Thanks for posting. The Netflix app and others just dont work in SDK. Have you tried it out?

  22. Anonymous5:31 PM

    it's been 12 months.