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COMMENTARY: Wubi Needs a Brother!

Last night I was thinking... Bare with my please, my wife says this doesn't happen too often :)

Its really easy to install Ubuntu on a Windows box without disrupting Windows and without a need to partition the drive. Ive done this a few times for friends who were scared of making the actual switch to Ubuntu. Ive also done this on the laptop I currently use since I will be giving it away as a gift soon :) The nice part of Wubi, I can just remove Ubuntu from Windows and no one will ever know I was using Ubuntu on it.

Well, why not have a Wubi for Ubuntu? Sure, I can run Ubuntu in Virtual Box, but why would I want to? Why not get the max I can out of my computer? And I know its not as perfect as partitioning the drive and installing Ubuntu natively since Wubi makes a virtual partition, but hey... I like the disposability of it.

Right now I want to try Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot on my computer here at work. At home I have 11.10 running in Virtual Box and its not very fast. And I dont think Im getting all I can out of it either. Life would be better if I had a Wubi type app for Ubuntu... an Ubuntu Installer for Ubuntu.

Primarily I am an Ubuntu user. Ive done some programming here and there in the past, but I wouldnt know the first thing on how to make an Ubuntu Installer for Ubuntu. I think this is a great idea and could really take off. How do we make it happen?

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