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COMMENTARY: Will ChromeOS Overtake Ubuntu?

This is a question that has been on my mind for quite some time now. With touch screen devices like the Galaxy and iPad forging the way in computer sales this past year and now with ChromeOS being released on inexpensive laptops for sale or rent, where does that leave Ubuntu?

In 3 to 5 years, will there even be a need for Ubuntu? Does Ubuntu have a plan of attack? Can Shuttleworth reach his goal of 200 million users with Google no longer lurking in the shadows? Ive only seen Ubuntu ads in linux magazines. Isnt that like preaching to the choir? Our community is strong, and beautiful, and intelligent, but can an open community come up with the direction thats needed to compete now with Google? Ubuntu has had an easy time since around 2006, rising quickly to the #1 linux distro with virtually no competition before Google and its Android and Chrome operating systems. Will the Ubuntu relationship with Google ultimately backfire on Ubuntu? So many questions to think about.

I recently came across Googles new Chromebook videos directed towards businesses...

Chromebook - Jason's Deli

Chromebook - Appirio

Yet not much has come from Ubuntu except for this very classy video. Or the interesting Ubuntu users videos once in a while.

I know this isnt about competing with Google. They are a massive company that can do pretty much anything it wants, Apple the same. Ubuntu offers an alternative, but in order to be thee alternative, it must stay relevant and should strive for cross compatibility too. The nature of all things is that the strong survive and the meek die out. What will Ubuntu's fate be?

So what are your views? Should Ubuntu come out with its own rentable computer? Should Ubuntu advertise more? Should it focus on the cloud? Can, will and should Ubuntu do more? I want to know what you think.

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  1. I think Chrome OS will only survive if it manages to create a fast user experience with remote applications (like using photoshop online) or if it develops some time of desktop interface.

    Ubuntu is beautiful because it is as fast as Chrome OS with 100 times the power. Once Google's branding has worn off, Chrome OS won't have a leg to stand on.