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Checking Your Medications

There is an app in the Ubuntu Software Center called "FreeDiams" that was developed for doctors prescribing medicine to patients. It can also be used to double check medication interactions and alert you if there is a problem.

This is an incredible tool if you want to go through your medications list, or the medication list of a loved one. Below is a sample where Ive added a bunch of random drugs... antibiotics, heart meds, diabetes meds, and a laundry list of antidepressants. You can see an assortment of icons to the left of each medication with warning associated to each and how they interact with other meds. One or two drugs usually wont interact with each other, but once you start taking a bunch, theres all sorts of problems.

Here is an example of a pop-up when trying to add a medication that has extreme interaction concerns with another med.

This is a great reference for people interested in checking their medication reactions with Ubuntu and not having to key the info in on a website which could be given/sell your info to any number of companies and agencies.

Try it out... you could save someones life today!

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