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How-to fix Skype not opening after Skype update issue

If Ubuntu users had Skype and upgraded to version recently via the Update Manager some users will notice that Skype no longer opens. If these users have not been able to fix the issue just yet then I can explain what is taking place.

If a user was to open their terminal and type “skype” (without the quotes) they would see the program open.

If Skype opens then this solution will work:

The application that must be open is the Main Menu settings application:

  • in Unity: click Ubuntu logo and type "main menu" in the search bar.
  • In Ubuntu Classic select - System > Preferences > Main Menu

Now click on Internet under the word menu then you will see a the options under your Internet menu.

Highlight Skype then click Properties...

This will open a window such as below. The user wants to change the boxes to look like this one; specifically the command. The command box needs to be the command that the user typed into the terminal to open skype originally.

Click close and try to open Skype again. If Skype opens congratulations!!!

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  1. Thank you for the tip !
    Unfortunately, my Skype main window still not opens. The program starts and I can receive msgs and calls. But without the Main Window I cannot call anybody.
    I'm on Ubuntu 11.04, Gnome 2.32.1
    Any help is welcomed
    Thanks !!!!