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Quit Smoking with Ubuntu

Thats right everyone! The magical, wonderful free operating system that is Ubuntu can also help you quit smoking. There is a simple little app in the Ubuntu Software Center called QuitCount. QuitCount is a simple counter that shows what you've saved since you quit smoking. Once you tell it the date you stopped smoking, how much you used to smoke, and how much it cost you, it will tell you how many cigarettes you did not puff since, the amounts of tar and nicotine you kept from entering your body, how much money you saved and your added life expectancy.

For people like me who smoke 5 packs a day, this app probably wont make a difference... but if you are serious about stopping and want to turn your life around, this app can really make a big difference!

Here is a chart showing what life would be like if I stopped smoking those 5 packs a day. Hmmmm, maybe I *should* quit smoking afterall....


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