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Howto: Equalizer in Rhythmbox

For many of us who use Rhythmbox, we have all found out it does not come with an equalizer. There is a simple fix. First go to the link below and download the newest option titled "rbeq-1.4.tar.gz"


I usually download files directly to my home directory, making it easier to run installation commands. After downloading the file in the link above, open a terminal (applications > terminal) and run this command:

tar -xvzf rbeq-1.4.tar.gz -C ~/.gnome2

Open up Rhythmbox now and go to Edit > Plugins and checkmark the "Rhythmbox Equalizer" box. You can now find the EQ under "Tools" from the main Rhythmbox menu list.

This comes with a few preset EQ settings and here are a few more I like (not listed)....

If you want some more Rhythmbox plugins, try some from this list...


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  1. is it stable on Lucid?

  2. Jasbutut. Thanks for the comment. I have been testing this over the weekend. And it appears stable. I did have it crash Rhythmbox after installation of the EQ, but have not since had a problem.

  3. Anonymous12:48 PM

    works great. Thanks

  4. Nice one! Try this for rhythmbox equalizer! http://www.roelpaulo.com/equalizer-for-rhytmbox-ubuntu-12-04.html