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Amazon Now With Streaming Movies

Could this break the back of Netflix eventually? I dont know about that, since they are a big gorilla in the online movie streaming biz. Their stocks have been doing well (a bit overpriced IMO) and Ive heard Redbox will be streaming videos soon too which his own by McDonalds. Amazon.com is one of the best in the online retail biz, if not the best, and now they are offering streaming movies and TV episodes.

Their selection of over 5,000 videos are FREE if you are an Amazon Prime member (their $79/year shipping program). If you are not a Prime member, rental prices range from a select few free items to mostly $1 to $4 rentals.

I must say, this is a nice bit of info today. Amazon has always been friendly to the linux world making their AmazonMP3 downloader available and with similar integration into Banshee. Might we now see paid Amazon streaming videos in Banshee too? That would be cool.

Here are some screen grabs running in Google Chromium browser (click each image for full size)...


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