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OpenShot 2.0 - Beta Released

The first beta release of OpenShot 2.0 is available to Kickstarter supporters and a much wider testing effort has started. For those who supported OpenShots Kickstarter, they will gain early access and receive a separate update with links to installers. For everyone else, the source code has been published and is available online, but its recommended to wait a little longer, until the installers are released for everyone.

More info here...


For anyone who has looked for a video editor in Ubuntu, Openshot is really really nice. I have personally used it on several family occasions (weddings, birthdays, and a 50th anniversary) and it has produced great results.

One relative who was a film director in the 70s, moving on to live stage show productions in the 80s and 90s was really impressed with the work I did with OpenShot.

Definitely give OpenShot a try for your video editing needs!

If you really want to test the current version 1.1.3, there is a DEB installer here...


..and OpenShot is in the Ubuntu Software Center as well with version 1.4.1. Or wait for further instructions for the newest OpenShot 2.0

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