Merge AVI Files in Ubuntu

Many times I'll have two or three or more AVI video files I want to merge into one file. So how would you go about doing this? It is actually easier than you might think!

You will need to install a few apps to make it easy to join AVI files in Ubuntu. Open up a terminal window (Applications -> Terminal) and type in:

sudo apt-get install transcode

Press Enter to install this. You will also need AviMerge which is found by installing:

sudo apt-get install transcode-utils

Press Enter and install. Now you are ready to merge AVI files in Ubuntu. While still in the terminal, here is how to do it:

avimerge -i part1.avi part2.avi -o joinedfile.avi

Of course you will need to change the file names to your parameters.

Make sure your terminal is pointing to the same location as your AVI files. If the files are on your desktop, you would type in:

cd Desktop

and then go ahead and run your avimerge command from above. This is really fast (only a minute or so) with big two hour video files. If you have smaller AVI files to merge, then it will be much quicker.

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  1. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Thank you :)

  2. Leopold Birkholm8:32 AM

    Is it OK if I refer this guide in my blog? I will also need to translate it to my native language.

  3. please do. we are all in this together helping each other!