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Installing Ubuntu 6.10

Installing Ubuntu was a breeze. There is little difference between the Ubuntu installation process and the Windows process. There are of course minor things, but basically I inserted the Ubuntu CD, rebooted my machine and it installed - simple.

One of the few things that might cause Linus newbies to shake their heads is setting up the root user account and then not using it as your default account. Wikipedia highlights some of the reasons:

Generally, it is not good practice for anyone to use root as their normal user account, because simple typographical errors can cause major damage to the system. It is recommended to create a normal user account instead and then use the su command to switch when necessary. Some use the sudo utility instead, which allows a measure of graduated access.

I suggest you set up a "regular user" account to log in to and use as your default account. At least read and understand the reasons for this before setting up Ubuntu to allow you to login as root, which you CAN but shouldn't do!

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