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Because Anything Helps

By now many of you have heard of the tragic events that happened recently to the Graner Family. While at the UDS conference, their house was struck by lightening and has been deemed a total loss. Take a minute to read their blog post here and consider making a donation. Anything helps. $1 helps. $5 helps. $10 helps. Whatever spare change you might have. Luckily, everyone is safe including the kids and pets. It will take time and money rebuilding, so your donations will immediately help them out!

About three years ago an old victorian house near us was having some inside paint work done. The painter left some rags soaked with paint thinner in a pile upstairs, which spontaneously combusted and the second story and most of the living room were destroyed. After all the litigation with their insurance company and having everything restored, they have just moved back in a few months ago. A long road to travel for sure.

The Graner family too, has a long road ahead of them, so slip a little cash in their pockets if you can! Remember, anything helps! Thanks.


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