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Install Mac OSX on Ubuntu

You might ask, is it even possible? Linux users only option previously was to use VMWare which is neither free, nor open source. With the newest releases of VirtualBox and Ubuntu... NOW YOU CAN.

Tutorial here...

Finally, do you even want to? As a convert from WinXP to Ubuntu almost 4 years ago now, Ive never used or touched a Mac. Thanks God. My first ever impressions of OSX was that of being over-hyped & overrated. Full of eye candy. It felt a bit like Ubuntu linux, but a dumbed down AOL version of Ubuntu. You get what I mean? Back in the day, many families signed up to AOL because of the simplicity of logging onto the internet and sending email with big dumb mail icons, email graphics and "you've got mail" sounds. I get this same sort of "AOL-ish" feeling when using Mac OSX. As if it was designed for noobs. Hey, All the best if you're a Mac fanboy. Onward and upward. Thanks but no thanks Mac. I'll stick to Ubuntu!

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