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Evernote in Ubuntu AKA Nevernote

Nevernote is an open source clone of Evernote. The program, coded in Java, is able to run on Linux, Windows, and OS-X, but the primary goal is to provide a Linux client.

Yes, Evernote is a great software, especially for those people daily working on different computers and/or devices. Before Nevernote though there was no way to use the amazing software provided by Evernote Corp. on Ubuntu. Yes, actually Evernote is not supported on Ubuntu and nobody can see anything coming in the near future. its been a couple of years now since Evernote came out with still no native linux client. So, for those using the famous platform, there was no way to work without installing Wine and then Evernote on their favorite Ubuntu version. And we all know how clumsy Wine software usually works. Given the situation, I, together with many Evernote enthusiasts, waved at the coming of Nevernote with a sense of happiness and ease, finally we can share notes we produce on other operating systems and devices with our favorite Linux distro.

I have to admit I’m not completely happy with Nevernote. Nevernote is coded with Java and that means it’s not that well integrated with GTK. The software feels heavy as a result and I usually avoid java based software. But, this is an app I use and on newer computers you wont feel the heaviness of Nevernote.

While it would be great to develop an Evernote clone for Ubuntu, Nevernote has still wide margins for improvement. Just to name one, we all hope to see support for Ink (a feature of Evernote that allows you to share handwritten notes) coming soon.

Nevernote (recently renamed to NixNote) comes in .deb packages for both 32 bit and 64 bit systems, available on the developer’s website, and it can be installed by right clicking the downloaded DEB file and installing.


If you use Evernote or would like to give it a try, we definitely recommend it as... this is the only Evernote type software on Ubuntu that can sync with your Evernote account.

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  1. Has this been successfully run on Ubuntu 12.04? If so, then I believe you really have something here with the ability to run Evernote-ish natively in Linux; that will save a lot of frustration in having to install wine and still not have a working system, and time in waiting for a fix that seems to be long in coming. Thank you very much for this info!