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Full Circle Ubuntu Magazine issue 58

Issue #58 of the Full Circle Ubuntu Magazine has arrived! You definitely need to get this issue. The continuing articles about all of the functional capabilities you can do with LibreOffice are incredible. Its almost like taking a class... great info in there. A walk through on turning your office into a paperless office. Not sure If Im ready for that as I love to have carbon copies of everything in safe. A decent review of Linux Mint inside this issue and a couple great reviews of some interesting games too: Dead Cyborg and also Warzone Earth.

Here is what else you will find this month...
  • Command and Conquer.
  • How-To : Beginning Python – Part 30, LibreOffice – Part 12, Backup Strategy – Part 6, Screencast Your Desktop, and The Paperless Office.
  • Linux Lab – Useful Investigative Tools.
  • Review – Linux Mint 12
  • I Think – Which Mobile OS.
  • Closing Windows – Formatting a USB Device
  • plus: more Ubuntu Games, My Desktop, My Opinion, My Story, and much much more!


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