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Ubuntu on a Mac in the Apple Store!

Today, my wife had her iPhone stolen right in front of her. To the bastards in Glendale, California... Im going to... well... theres not much I can do now is there?

She was buying some gelato in the store and placed her phone down on the counter to pay for the ice cream. Thats when the robber grabbed her phone off the counter and ran. The police came and took the report and said something like "sorry girl, your phone is gone". The store owner has the perpetrator on camera but said he was not allowed to show my wife the screenshots for "privacy" purposes.

Luckily, there was an Apple store nearby.  I met wifey there and as she was explaining the whole situation to the blue Applebots* everywhere, I decided to put Ubuntu onto a Mac in the Apple Store.

OK, OK.... you too can put Ubuntu on a mac yourself just by pulling up the Safari browser and pointing it to...


Hey Steve Jobs... ENJOY!

*  actually, the guy who helped us named Rene was very helpful. Thanks dude.

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  1. 1 computer at a time..eventually the world muwahaha