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Still Dont Understand Bitcoin?

If you still cant grasp the bitcoin revolution taking place I highly recommend going through the quick graphical tutorial over at TryBTC. TryBTC was created by the Winklevoss brothers (of Facebook fame) and their simple to use tutorial explains it all, even so your grandmother can understand.

TryBTC teaches you about a bitcoin wallet, the bitcoin address, and most important it visually shows you how a transaction takes place. Those dear Winklevoss twins even give you 3 cents to test this out by donating it to a charity of your choice.

What was cloak and dagger to many is now beautifully illustrated and explained with this little site. So many people dont understand bitcoin or virtual currencies at all. I hope to change that a bit with my bitcoin series right here.

You see, when you make your first bitcoin transfer and notice that it is instantaneous you will feel different about the world from that point on. No fooling. You'll come to terms that you just bypassed all the worlds central banks and their fees, its ponzi schemes, all of histories fiat backed wars, those huge mortgages and interest, those late fees, those fines, those foreclosures. I could go on. No longer do you have to show an ID to make a transaction. You are a living being with your own rights to move and be free. Bitcoin offers a bit of that hope. Take back that power. Grab hold of the power you never had and understand it. Understand the responsibility in your hands when you have bitcoins. We are on the edge of a new day where the people are in control. The banks are scared of this. The governments are scared of this. Go ahead now, why dont you begin the journey and TryBTC...


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