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The Top 5 Bitcoin Websites

I've picked 5 top bitcoin sites for you to oogle over. I put them into my desired order. Alexa.com might say otherwise, but I feel this order is right on the money. The bitcoin money. Enjoy.

COINBASE - https://www.coinbase.com/

I picked Coinbase as the top spot because its easy purchase bitcoins and convert them back into USD once your account is set up. The website and interface are sleek and streamlined. Simple to navigate. Get things done and be happy.

Coming in for second place is BitCoinity. Theres nothing better than seeing the price of a bitcoin in a huge font with a big line chart showing its progression. If BTC reaches an all time high, Yoda will appear on screen and start dancing. At that point its probably time to take a breake and have a beer.

You know how it is as an investor. You want the latest news possible. Just head over to reddit/bitcoinmarkets and see what people are jabbering about.


BTCe is basic yet powerful. Move your bitcoins into this website to diversify and buy other cryptocurrencies.

COIN MARKET CAPhttp://coinmarketcap.com/

Fifth place goes to CoinMarketCap because theres a wealth of info one one page. it lists the top 30+ virtual currencies based on market cap. Wait, theres more. You get a mini 7 day chart for each currency, spot price and also % change in the last 24 hours. Lots of info.

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