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Opera TV

From the looks of it, Ubuntu TV already has some stiff competition. Its called "Opera TV" and from the outset it looks like it will do far more than what Ubuntu TV could do. While Ubuntu TV is going for the "everything video" angle focusing on showing video and showing it well, Opera TV is planning to have all of its already user created apps, widgets and extensions available in its new software built into a TV. This could have far more uses than Ubuntu TV and appear to a wider audience as well. Who wouldnt want to have all these apps right on their television? No longer will you be glued to your computer doing Facebook or Google Plus, you can just sit in front of the TV all day :)

Another benefit for Opera app developers is that they could get paid for their apps, which has not yet been mentioned in any plans for Ubuntu TV.

The project appears still in its infancy and could go head to head with Ubuntu TV in terms of courting potential TV manufacturers, developers, and more. What do you think about Opera TV versus Ubuntu TV? Totally different beasts, one in the same basically, or complimenting each other?

You can also watch the demo video here:


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  1. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Looks like Ubuntu tv is going to have to kick in into high gear. Thou im shuer linux will pull threw yes? :)

  2. Whatever Ubuntu wizards conjure up for Ubuntu TV, I am excited too see it!