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Tomahawk Social Media Player

Tomahawk is a multi-source, multi-platform, open source social media player.

No, don’t be scared. We know that Tomahawk may not sound exactly peaceful but keep reading and get to know this amazing media player for Linux, Windows and Mac Os X. Even though there is plenty of media players available for Linux, Tomahawk may deserve a chance, as it offers very unique features that you won’t find in other softwares.

Tomahawk is multi-sourced, which means, according to the very words of the developers, that it can find your music wherever you keep it, on your computer, on the cloud or on some websites. That won’t be a problem, Tomahawk will find and play it, no matter where it is stored. Tomahawk is focused, and it is designed to do just one thing: play music and it won’t bother you with collateral services like buying Apps or buying movies (do you understand, Cupertino boys?).

Tomahawk, as the best tradition in open source prescribes, is fully extensible, you can start writing extensions to implement functions you would like to use and, what’s probably the most amazing feature of Tomahawk, you can share libraries with your friends through social networks and... PLAY THEM. Your friend has a song that you would like to listen? In Tomahawk it becomes as simple as clicking it from the list shared by your friend.

Tomahawk is one of those softwares I didn’t know I needed before using it. It introduces a new way to share the music you love and, despite the claims of the big guys in Cupertino, it really seems developed by and for music lovers. Hesitant at first, I'm falling in love with the GUI and simplicity of Tomahawk and I think you will too.

Tomahawk can be installed by adding a PPA repository. Don’t be scared, it is quite simple, you have to open a terminal and type:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tomahawk/ppa

and when thats finished, type...

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install tomahawk

You can find Tomahawk in your Applications > Sound & Video menu.

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