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XMind Mind Mapping In Ubuntu

XMIND, with a clean and kind interface, is a revolutionary Mind Mapping Brainstorming Presentation software. It enables you to capture ideas and manage information easily via a productive way. With its powerful features, XMIND will enable your meetings to live and breathe, help you capture the bursts of inspiration that emerge during group meetings and convey complex ideas simply.

XMIND has been quite a breakthrough in the Free Software Universe. Linux and in particular Ubuntu users had to face for years the particularly painful absence of a good software for presentations and notes. Solutions like Libre Office can be suitable for those who have a lot of computational power or that are used to deal with softwares like Microsoft Powerpoint. When it came to using some new (and in this case revolutionary) software and interfaces there was not much Ubuntu could offer, leaving many of us in frustration. FreeMind being a decent mind mapping tool but without a lot of features. Then XMIND came and changed the way I approach presentations and notes. XMIND comes with a very handy interface that lets people interact while preparing and creating a presentation. What most people don’t know though is that XMIND is not just a presentation software but also, and mainly, an information manager. What is this supposed to mean? XMIND was designed to let people share ideas, cooperate in the creation of projects using powerful freehand and typing tools. XMIND is a definitive digital blackboard, a must have for those daily involved in cooperative project management.

XMIND is Open Source software and comes in two versions. The basic version is freely downloadable DEB file from the website (both 32bit and 64 bit). The paid version ($49/year) has extra features such as exporting to PDF, Powerpoint, map merging, etc.


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