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Tomboy for Android

I've been a long time user of Tomboy for taking and saving my notes on Ubuntu. Historically I've surpassed 700 notes now! I have a lot of notes that I refer to from time to time and Tomboy sure beats writing on little pieces of paper and possibly losing them around the house or office.

There is a great Android application that has been around a couple years called Tomdroid which gives access to our Tomboy notes and syncs them up. Its great, but I was never able to create a note in Tomdroid.... UNTIL NOW!

Head over to Launchpad from your Android browser and  download the latest APK. Im now using 0.7.1 titled "Fast Paced" release. Install it to your phone and you can now enjoy accessing your Tomboy notes as well as creating them!



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  1. Wow! I hope they release this in the Android market soon. Tomboy is indeed an extremely handy tool.