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iheartubuntu on Diaspora

We've been on Diaspora for a while now. Diaspora is a secure & open source social media site without all of the ads or the privacy issues that plague the other social sites. Your data isnt shared across all sorts of websites or available in Google search results.

From my point of view, Diaspora has the look and feel between that of Google+ and of Facebook. Its the best of both worlds. Over on Diaspora you OWN your content. Diaspora was the father of aspect sharing (like circles on Google+) allowing you to share content with particular groups of friends. It is very user friendly with #hashtags, @mentions, resharing and its easy to show some love on others posts. You can even integrate your other social media sites and make Diaspora your "home base" to post to your other profiles and services.

Diaspora *IS* social freedom and thats why we are there. Why dont you try it out and join us? Follow the link to join a Diaspora pod...


Not sure yet? Well then check out our profile:


Go ahead and learn more about the Diaspora Project here:


and here:


There are other pods that might be more local to you and therefore have quicker site speeds. Check them out here: http://podupti.me/

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