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Ubuntu App Pricing

Here is an interesting blog post about how Ubuntu prices their apps. App developer Marcos Costales recently tried to upload his app to the Ubuntu Software Center, but when trying to set a simply low price, Ubuntu requires either $0.00 USD or at least $2.99 USD as a minimum price for a paid app.

What do you think about this? Should Ubuntu offer apps for under the $2.99 price? As a prime example, both the Android Play Store and Apples iTunes Store offer low priced apps... many for an easy price of $1 USD. There would be a lot more purchases of apps in the one dollar range then say an app for $25. If you support the idea of lower priced apps in the Ubuntu Software Center, consider creating a bug report!


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  1. From Commercial software FAQs: http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/commercial-software-faqs/

    What is the minimum price I can charge for software?

    The minimum price for applications is 2.99 USD. The transaction fee we charge has to off-set the credit card charges, bank charges and fraud detection that takes place within the payment platform. By enforcing a minimum price we ensure that processing transactions doesn’t cost more than the transaction fee. We intend to lower the minimum price over time.

  2. I find it hard in this day and age that fraud detection and credit card charges could be so overpriced. I can set up credit card services myself and usually it is a 3% to 10% processing fee involved. This depends on my credit score, the company or bank I choose to do the processing, etc. Even at 10% Ubuntu would still do better getting 90 cents out of every 100 cents.