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Kingsoft Office Suite

There is a new office suite available for linux users.  If you cant get used to Libre Office or Open Office, there is a Chinese developed office suite from Kingsoft. Its worth a look, especially if you are just coming over from Windows.

Ive downloaded several MS Word documents from Microsofts Templates website (http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/) and Libre Office just cannot handle most of them. There are some great designs out there too for free. Certificates, brochures, etc. Even the Excel spreadsheets are nice to use with clean looking invoices, balance sheets, and even a finance portfolio. All of which Libre Office doesnt know what to do with. In comes Kingsoft and using those Microsoft templates becomes a joy to use. There are Writer, Spreadsheet and Presentation programs in the suite.

Ive noticed the Office Suite by Kingsoft is quick to load up and responsive. Even if you dont make this your #1 office suite, its nice to have around for that odd document or spreadsheet that LibreOffice and OO cant open. Since Im not a pro at using office products very much, I cant comment too much on usability, although I do see one glaring omission so far. The lack of a Mail Merge feature, which I think is pretty important for any company.

To install Kingsoft Office Suite, first download the .deb file from the terminal.

The file on the companies website is painfully slow and took well over 4 hours to download. The file size is approx 150mb, but the connection speed from USA to China is like a turtle crawl.

wget -c wdl.cache.ijinshan.com/wps/download/Linux/unstable/wps-office_8.1.0.3724~b1p2_i386.deb

As a service to all of our visitors, I uploaded the file to my server. It only takes a minute or two to download with a 15Mbps connection. Here is our link...

wget -c www.iloveubuntu.com/files/wps-office_8.1.0.3724~b1p2_i386.deb

We'll update the link above whenever there is a new version. After you download the DEB file from either site, run this command in the terminal:

sudo dpkg -i wps-office_8.1.0.3724~b1p2_i386.deb

This will install the software, although since it was developed in China, Chinese is the default language. To fix this and put it into English go ahead and run the following code in a terminal window:

cd /opt/kingsoft/wps-office/office6/2052

and this one too...

sudo rm qt.qm wps.qm wpp.qm et.qm

Thats all there is to it and hope it "suites" your needs!


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