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OMG Ubuntu Releases Volley Brawl Game

The ever popular Ubuntu website OMG Ubuntu has released a new game titled "Volley Brawl". This is one of the first paid games in the Ubuntu Software Center (actually the seventh paid game already!). We purchased this game earlier today and gave it a test spin.

Ordering through the Ubuntu Software Center was very easy. Inputing our Launchpad account brought up most of our info and then we added in our credit card details to finalize the purchase. At only $2.99 this is a fun game and an easy way to support Ubuntu and those that contribute to Ubuntu.

Here are some screenshots and our review after the images...

You'll have to purchase the game to see the gameplay scene. :) But you can make a good guess. This game is fairly simple, bouncing the volleyball back and forth. Playing by yourself this game could burn 30 minutes easily, at which point you could also get bored of it.

The real power of this game I see will be the multi-player option. I did not find anyone to play with (yet) but that will bring the most fun of all. Hopefully I will challenge some friends online or through the LAN option.

Theres plenty of Volley Brawl characters to choose from, enough to keep you happy. The in-game music is entertaining. Here is what we think...

The artwork is crisp and clean, but lets be honest. The graphics are basic, but that doesnt detract. The game itself is fun. How about free upgrades with themed backgrounds for the different holidays?

While some might hate the music, its a lot of fun. Would be nice to have more songs to choose from.

As previously mentioned, if you are by yourself, you could only play this game so many times. The real action and fun is going to be multi player.

Its only $2.99 folks. You'll definitely get at least that much value out of this. If you stick a kid on the game for an hour, I assure you its worth more than that :)

What can we say... for only $2.99 we'll help support fellow Ubuntu users and developers.

4.2 / 5 STARS

In the future, an option to speed up the game would be nice, changing music, changing backgrounds, possibly having an online leader board? Lots of things could be expanded even for such a simple game. This would also make a perfect game for a younger child to keep them busy and having fun. In all, we recommend the game as its good fun for only $2.99.

WAIT... theres more...

Did we say its only $2.99 ??

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