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Using The Terminal: uptime

New users are always cautious about using the terminal to perform tasks. We are going to slowly guide new users into using the terminal with some simple commands. Power users of Ubuntu and other debian based linux distros... please bare with us :) as we get new users up to par!

To get all of you new users started we'll perform a very simple terminal command. Go to your "applications > accessories > terminal" to open up a terminal window.

Type in "uptime" without the quotes and press enter:


you will get a description about your computer. What time it is currently and how many minutes, hours or days your computer has been running. Here is an example from my computer:

dave@dave-desktop:~$ uptime
14:21:17 up 5:59, 2 users, load average: 0.52, 0.44, 0.56

If you are a new user, stick with us as we will bring you more easy to follow terminal tips. Dont be scared, be a commander of Terminal Commands!

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