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VW to re-release the Microbus


So this isnt Ubuntu related (directly) but I used to have a 1974 VW bus. White on the top half, Smurf blue on the bottom half. This was one of my favorite vehicles and I used it in the 1990s to travel extensively throughout California.

Volkswagon is releasing their bus as (apparently) an all electric car that can reach approx 200 miles per charge (320km). Sounds good, but thats where it ends for me since I love Ubuntu. Their plan is to use an ipod to power the stereo system. Why not go open source? This would have been a perfect opportunity to make the switch.

About 3 years ago I sketched up a crazy idea to run a car with Ubuntu installed. Now dont laugh, here was my mockup...

Yah, maybe it is a bit ugly, but would that be so cool if you hopped into your new VW microbus and up popped Ubuntu? VW dropped the ball by not going open source IMO.

If you still want Ubuntu in your car it is now possible. Check it out! It looks nicer than mine :) But maybe they used my idea as a basis? Who knows. Good luck boys!



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