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Golf Games - World Golf Tour

Well, this isnt exactly an Ubuntu app, thats for sure. But its pretty close to the best golf game we can play on an Ubuntu system right now. World Golf Tour can be found in the Google Chrome/Chromium Web Store and its FREE. If you use Firefox or other web browser, you can play this by going straight to the WGT website here:

As you can see the graphics are very nice and enjoyable and the sound effects help bring you into a very realistic golf like atmosphere. Click the image above to see what the game looks like in all its glory. For those of you who have played the Tiger Woods series of golf games for Windows, you'll feel at home with this World Golf Tour game.

The game is primarily played using your mouse. Pull the mouse towards you to pull the club back and adjust your power, left click to start the power bar, and another left click when the power bar comes back to the center point. Thats it. Lots of fun, and you can play against family, friends and anyone across the world really. This really is an awesome game for being free. Several golf courses, upgradeable clubs as you advance throughout the game. You cant go wrong with this.

If you know of any other free golf games that work in Ubuntu, please let us know! Have a nice weekend! A golfing weekend!

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