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Private Search Engines

One reason I jumped into linux and Ubuntu was for privacy. With MS Windows XP being a closed source operating system, there was no way I could tell what was being done with my data. This is also a concern with web browsers. Ive recently made the switch away from Google and Bing to much more private searches. These private search engines grab results from the major engines, pool the data and show you the results. This way you arent sharing personal info like IP address, cookies or allowing search engines to read your cookies. Here are the two major players in the private search engine industry...

StartPage also has a proxy service for maximum privacy. They have been around a long time and owned by Ixquick who has won several European awards for privacy issues. If you cant get away from Google searches yet, you can also try StartingPage.com which queries only Google and serves you up the results privately. Here is a StartPage video talking about their proxy service, the benefits and drawbacks...

Duck Duck Go is a newcomer to private searches. I really like their setup and they have a ton of goodies and shortcuts. Give them a try also.


So why care at all about private searches? DuckDuckGo made a simple visual page why. Check it out at: http://donttrack.us/

You can bet insurance companies, doctors, potential employers, local authorities, collection agencies,  marketers, etc are ready to buy your search data.

So give StartPage and DuckDuckGo a try! Happy safe internet searching!

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