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ANNA Fridays

Well, here I am! I am a little nervous to get onto the net and share my experiences. Ive never done anything like this before so you'll have to excuse me as Im not a computer expert at all! Just a computer user who wants things to "work".

I got into Ubuntu from a guy I work with, Dave. He runs this site here. He switched over our entire network of computers at work to Ubuntu about a year ago. I *REALLY*... I mean really did not want to switch. In fact I havent all together. As the accountant I still need access to Quick Books Pro so right now I click the blue icon on my top panel to open Virtual Box up and go into Windows to run the only software I need (since it doesnt work in Wine). If it worked with Pinot Grigio Id be a happier gal!

At first I was doing the two operating systems side by side and I still got all sorts of viruses which was the main reason to switch over to Ubuntu only. I never had time to defragment the Windows system either. I was just not having any luck with Windows anymore. It continually crashed, I had to keep buying virus protection software... I think I had 3 or 4 of those going at once just to try and stop the bad guys! Ubuntu seemed to have come into its own so I said "OK, lets make the switch to Ubuntu if I could still somehow run QuickBooks." There is NO WAY IN HELL company data will ever go online. It almost feels like there is a push to do everything online these days. No thanks.

Between work and school I dont have a ton of time for games, but all of the simple fun games like Cake Mania and hidden object games I really love. I can have my fun playing, finish and be done with them! I dont play those open ended games like WoW because I know I'll get hooked!

Lets see...

Favorite Drink:
A strong shot of espresso maybe once a week, but I mostly drink berry tea.

Favorite Food:
This is a tough one. Its either Asian food or Italian food! Is seafood a category? OK, Seafood then!

Favorite Movie:
The Bourne series, The Italian Job, Under The Tuscan Sun, and Im always up for a good comedy. My most favorite movies though, and this is going to bore all of you guys... any of the English period movies.  The Young Victoria, The Age of Innocence, Anna Karenina, Sense & Sensibility... I could go on!

Favorite Game of the Week:
I love hidden object games so this week its The Clockwork Man. Its a great game! I can save where I am in the game and come back to it. The new one Clockwork Man: The Hidden World looks really cool too! I dont have the new one yet, but I see its in the Ubuntu Software Center.

Well, this was fun! Come back next week... Im working on my favorite Ubuntu apps as well as my Ubuntu likes and dislikes.

If you wanna chat or shoot me some ideas or questions you can find me on Twitter @UbuntuGal

so K.I.T.!

Until next week... Ciao!


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  1. Haven't heard from you in 2 weeks. Hope everything is okay. The website doesn't seem to be updating either. I hope nothing bad has happened.

  2. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Glad to hear another Ubuntu user. :D Everytime I hear stories like this one I breathe a sight of relief. I'm not alone.

    Well I know I'm not, but where I'm from you hardly see Ubuntu or any other Linux distro. Say I hangout at Starbucks, I'd see 3 MBPs and the rest Win7. I'm the only one there running Ubuntu. Sad huh?

  3. Mark, Have you considered donating 1 hour a month to help the Ubuntu? Its really easy! Just set up, what is called an "Ubuntu Hour" at a local coffee house near you (or beer pub, etc). Contact me for more info, but this is a simple easy to do way of interacting with new people and introducing them to Ubuntu.


  4. Anonymous3:47 AM

    That sounds interesting and fun. For one I often end up sitting at a coffee shop while waiting for my girlfriend to finish her shopping.

    How do you do this? Like advertise the "Ubuntu Hour" and get people to come in and join you. Second, what to do? I'd also want to keep it informal. There are other Ubuntu users here (rare) and there are Ubuntu (or Linux) meetups that happen once in a blue moon, but it is more for technical and server-related purpose. What I really want are casual users, Ubuntu for desktop, not servers.