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Future Pinball Game in Ubuntu

Check out our video above. If you grew up playing pinball games like I did, you are going to really enjoy this game! Future Pinball is a Windows based game, but works fine for Ubuntu users. You will need a video card that can handle 3D gaming, and you will also need to install PlayOnLinux.

You can install PlayOnLinux for your version of Ubuntu using the instructions here:

After PlayOnLinux is installed to your Games directory (Applications>Games), go into it and then click onto the "Install" icon. Type in a search of "future pinball" to find and then install the game. It will do the work for you most of the way and when it asks about installing, you need to use the EXE file in the link below. The version PlayOnLinux tries to download is outdated and expired.

23.3MB http://www.iloveubuntu.com/images/FuturePinballSetup_v1.9.1.20101231.exe

(a side note... it used to be quite a chore getting Future Pinball running in Ubuntu. A French guy made a nice install script, but it had stopped working some time back. Im very happy that it is much easier to install with PlayOnLinux)

Once you have Future Pinball installed, I have a few tips for smoother game play (it can get slow on older systems). Within Futre Pinball, click on "preferences" and then "editor options". Uncheck "load image into table editor". This will speed up loading tables before playing. Depending on your system specs, you might also want to go into the "preferences > video/rendering" options too. I usually turn off "high quality textures" as there isnt a huge noticeable difference visually, but game play is smoother. You may have noticed they game keys option in preferences. Here you can learn the keys for the game and make changes if need be.

"5" inserts a coin. "1" starts single player game. F1 through F10 give you different views of the pinball table. ENTER pulls the plunger, and both shift keys act as your flippers. Thats the basics until you learn all the key commands.


Now you will need to find some pinball tables on the internet to download and play using Future Pinball. Here are my recommended websites for free pinball tables!

BEST source for free tables is Future Pinball Release database. They have some really incredible tables there, like the classic Terminator table amongst many others. The Kiss table is great, Superman, Old Chicago, etc. You will need to register a free account to download any of the tables.

IR Pinball has a ton of great free tables too. No need to register. They have MANY MANY classic old school pinball tables. One of my faves is called BIG INDIAN. Ive hit a high score of 100,000 a couple times. Good luck trying to beat me :)

These two sites, Roney Pinball and Chaos Pinball offer a couple original pinball tables. The Jetsons and also War of the Worlds are great tables!



Have a nice weekend everyone and hope these pinball games bring back fond memories!

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