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Female Ubuntu Blogger - Please Welcome Anna

I would like to introduce to you our new guest blogger - Anna. She will be making a weekly appearance every Friday. If there is any interest, she will consider blogging more often.

A little background about Anna. She has her bachelors degree in linguistics (fluent in English, Russian, Italian and French) and has her masters degree in accounting. Anna uses Ubuntu at her work as her only operating system for over a year now and uses Ubuntu on her red colored Acer AspireOne netbook at home.

She has had mostly positive experiences using Ubuntu and will blog about all of those experiences. She uses Ubuntu to save money, its ease of use, low maintenance, and to make use of her aging and slower computers. Each week she'll be linking to any fun & interesting websites shes comes across.

Please look for her first article this Friday and all Fridays thereafter. Thanks!


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  1. Welcome! As a Lubuntu user, I look forward to reading your posts!